24 Hours in Yosemite

Guest post by Bubba Sellars

Towering rocks, feeling smaller than I've ever felt. The brisk air of the morning next to one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever visited. My first trip to Yosemite absolutely blew my mind and I know for a fact that it won't be my last.

I pulled into The Valley just as the sun began to set. The towering rock formations made for long shadows and harsh light; a challenge to achieve quality images. Being my first experience in the park, and an extremely last minute trip, I really had no idea where to go – I had seen photos all over Instagram and other social media outlets, but never put in the research of these locations.

After sitting and watching the shadows grow longer over the valley, I studied the map of the park a bit and found the road to the top. With trees along the each side of the road, most of the way up, I wasn't sure what I would come to find. Finally, a break in the thickness and it was mountains for miles; as far as I could see. One of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen to date.

After sunset, I climbed a bit higher in elevation for blue hour over Half Dome, as seen from the Glacier Point area.



  • SaraK

    Rad. Love the shirts at the bottom too

  • Tony

    Awesome read. Love Yosemite!!

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