Scott Biersack

About Me

My name is Scott Biersack, I’m an Illustrator and Designer with a minor obsession with typography. I can take care of your logo, branding, editorial, spot illustration, packaging, poster and many other design needs. Some other minor obsessions would be cycling, skateboards, and The Legend of Zelda(why yes it is the best series on Earth). I’ve been beyond thankful to have worked alongside clients such as: Adobe, Blue Moon, Girl Skateboards, Jose Cuervo, Starbucks, and more.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, later moved to Phoenix, AZ. Now, currently living in New York to continue my passion of typography within the Extended Type @ Cooper Program while freelancing full-time! So, let’s work together!

I’m a guy just doing what he loves. Continuously pushing myself and my comfort zone to follow my passion, inspire others, and never stop learning.

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